Creating HTML Documentation

The FBDK now supports several features for the generation of HTML documentation files for library elements. You can use these features as follows.

  1. Use the Element Navigator to select a diagram you wish to use in your documentation.
  2. Using the Name/Comment Dialog, or other dialogs as appropriate, add informative comments as appropriate to elements of the diagrams that are listed in the table below. These will appear as pop-up "Hover Help" in the corresponding diagram in the generated HTML documentation.
    • Since FBDK 8.2, most or all of these dialogs allow you to enter multi-line comments for more complete documentation. See the documentation of the ML_COMMENTS FB Type for examples.
    • The "Hover Help" for a Service primitive will be the parenthesized list (which may be empty) of the primitive's parameters, which you can enter in the Parameters field of the Service Primitive editor.
  3. Use the File Save As PNG function to save it from the Worksheet.
    • The FBDK will also generate at the same time a navigation map file for the just-created PNG image.
  4. Use the File Save As HTML function to create a skeleton HTML document for the LibraryElement.
  5. Use a syntax-aware HTML text editor, such as the one available in the Eclipse Web Developer Tools, to rearrange the elements in the document, add and modify text and figures as necessary. See the FBNavigator for examples.
LibraryElement Type Diagrams
Basic FB Types Interface; LD & FBD Algorithms; ECC; Service Sequences & Primitives (if any)
Simple FB Types Interface; LD or FBD  Algorithm
Composite FB Types Interface; FBNetwork; Service Sequences & Primitives (if any)
SIFB Types Interface; Service Sequences & Primitives
Functions Interface
Adapter Types Interface; Service Sequences & Primitives
Resource Types Interface; FBNetwork
Device Types Interface; Resources; Resource FBNetworks
Network Segment Types Interface
System Configurations System Configuration; Device Configurations; Resource Configurations
Structured Data Types Interface