Build and Test a Basic Function Block Type

  1. Start the FBDK.
  2. Import library elements if and as needed.
  3. Create a new basic FB type in the editor by double-clicking on the Basic fb type of the template folder in the Library Navigator.
  4. Edit the function block's elements:
  5. When your editing is complete, save your work with the Save As... =>XML dialog.
    It is a good idea to save your work from time to time while editing, too!
  6. Generate and compile a Java® source file with the Save As... =>Java dialog. The results of the compilation (including errors, if any) will be displayed in the Log tab of the Text panel, and a dialog will open indicating whether the compilation has succeeded or not.
  7. Test the FB type by clicking the Run menu item of the root node in the Element Navigator. In the test window, you can set or clear the values of the inputs, click on event input buttons and observe the resulting event and variable outputs.

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