Editing Service Sequences

A FB type (typically but not always a service interface function block (SIFB) type) or an adapter type may have a service specification, which may consist of a number of service transactions. Each service transaction consists of zero or one input primitive represented by an arrow coming into one of the two interfaces of the service, followed by zero or more output primitives.
  1. If a service specification does not already exist, you can add one with the Add Service item of the root (top) node of the Element Navigator.
  2. You can Edit the names of the left and right service interfaces by double-clicking on the service in the Element Navigator. The figure below shows the result of replacing RESOURCE with DEVICE in the ServiceInterface template.
  3. You can add a sequence to the service with the Add Sequence item of the service's popup menu. This opens a dialog that lets you edit the new sequence's name and comment.
  4. You can copy a sequence to the FBEditor's clipboard with the Copy Sequence item of the sequence's popup menu.
  5. You can paste a copy of a sequenceto the end of the service's list of sequences with the Paste Sequence item of the service's popup menu. This opens a dialog that lets you edit the copied sequence's name and comment.
  6. You can rename a sequence by double-clicking on its name in the Element Navigator.
  7. You can remove a sequence from the service by using the Delete Sequence item of its popup menu in the Element Navigator.
  8. You can change the position of a sequence in the list of sequences by using Drag and Drop in the Element Navigator.
  9. You can add a transaction to a sequence in the Worksheet by using the Add Transaction item in the Worksheet menu. This pops up a dialog as shown below that lets you edit the interface, name and parameters of the transaction's initial input primitive.
  10. You can move a transaction up or down in a sequence by selecting its input primitive, then using the Promote/Demote function of the Rosette.
  11. You can remove a transaction from a sequence by deleting all its primitives (see below).
  12. You can add a primitive to a transaction by using the Add Output Primitive item of the popup menu of any primitive in the transaction.
  13. You can move an output primitive up or down in a transaction by selecting it, then using the Promote/Demote function of the Rosette.
  14. You can edit a primitive by double-clicking on its name.
  15. You can delete a primitive by using the Delete item of its popup menu.

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