The Worksheet

In the upper right corner of each tabbed pane of the Editor area is a Viewport containing a Worksheet for graphical editing.
  1. If the Worksheet is larger than the Viewport, scrollbars appear to assist navigation.
  2. When you click the mouse on elements in this area (including vertical line segments), the corresponding text (if any) will be highlighted in the text currently showing in the lower tabbed pane.
  3. When a function block diagram is displayed in this area, double clicking on the body of a function block instance will open its type definition in a new tab.
  4. You can drag various elements in this area (including function blocks, connecting line segments, and elements of ECCs) to improve readability.
  5. You can select and drag multiple elements using Shift+Click and Shift+Drag gestures.
  6. You can move selected elements around one pixel at a time with the Rosette.
  7. You can add connections to a diagram using the Connect gesture.
  8. The popup menu for this area contains the following items:
  9. Additional popup menus provide for editing the elements of ECCs, FB diagrams, Ladder Diagrams, interfaces, service sequences and system configuration diagrams.
The Worksheet popup menu may include other specialized operations, such as Copy and Paste, as appropriate to the diagram being displayed.

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