XMLChecker Application

This Java™ application can be used to check for compliance of XML files with the DTDs (Document Type Definitions) specified in IEC Standard 61499-2. Such files are produced by the FBDK or similar IEC 61499-compliant software tools.

The XMLChecker.java source file is included in the checker.jar file and is licensed for use under the Academic Free License version 3.0.


  1. Download the checker.jar file into the FBDK home directory.
  2. Run the checker.jar by double-clicking on its icon or selecting the Open option from its pop-up menu (or the equivalent operation for Linux®).
  3. The XMLChecker application will check the contents of all the files in the src subdirectory of the directory in which it is installed, and recursively check the contents of all subdirectories of the src subdirectory.
  4. If a file with non-compliant contents is found, the application will open a dialog box identifying the path to the file and the line and column numbers where the error was found.
  5. The error can be fixed by editing the file with an XML editor, typically by removing all Application and Mapping elements in the file.
  6. Once the error has been fixed, the scan of files can be re-started from the beginning by closing the dialog box and clicking on the application's Restart button.
  7. If no files are found with errors, the application will display a dialog box indicating a successful completion of the scan.

Last updated: 2011-01-20.
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