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Security Upgrade

The holobloc.com Web server now uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for transfer of all Web data. The server will automatically upgrade to HTTPS any connections established by HTTP-based hyperlinks on existing Web pages, e.g., http://www.holobloc.com/doc/navigator.htm (try it and see!). This automatic switch to HTTPS is both accepted and expected to become required by all modern Web browsers in the near future.

However, this switch to HTTPS disables the automatic update feature (described in Step 6 of the Getting Started page) of all versions of the FBDK prior to the now-current Release 3.2, which corrects this problem.

If you are already using a version of the FBDK prior to Release 3.2, you can upgrade to Release 3.2 by replacing the fbdk3.jar file in your current FBDK home directory with the new fbdk3.jar file.