Getting Started
See What's New for important information!

  1. This software enables you to build and test data types, function block types, adapter types, functions, resource types, device types, network segment types and system configurations according to the IEC 61499 standard.
  2. This software has been tested with the following JDK™ environments:
  3. Read the FBDK Terms and Conditions. If you agree with them, proceed with the next steps.
  4. Create a new working directory for the FBDK, for example C:\\fbdk3 in Windows systems or /home/username/fbdk8 in Linux systems.
  5. Download this file to the working directory you have just created: fbdk8.jar.
  6. To start up the FBDK in Windows with JDK 11, double-click on the fbdk8.jar file's icon in the working directory.
    • To start up in Linux systems, enter the following commands in a Terminal window:
      cd fbdk8 (the name of the working directory you created)
      java -jar fbdk8.jar
    • The FBDK will create all necessary sub-directories of its working directory, and will download updated versions of other needed files from the Holobloc website if necessary (this may take a few seconds).
    • The FBDK will not create, delete or modify any files on your computer except within this directory structure.
    • Holobloc Inc will not upload any files from your computer or track anything you do with this application.
  7. Each time that the FBDK starts up, a small progress window will open to show you which files are being updated from the Web. As soon as the first few files are updated, a "Terms and Conditions" (T&C) dialog will pop up over the log window as shown below.
    • You can click on the Terms and Conditions link to read them in your Web browser.
    • You will need to click the Yes box to acknowledge that Holobloc Inc. incurs no liability by providing you with the FBDK.
  8. After you click the Yes box, the progress window will show the file updates being done, then will report that the FBEditor is being launched.
    • After launching the editor, the progress window will remain open for you to review the file updates that have been done (if any). You can minimize or close this window at your convenience.
    • To ensure that the FBDK has appropriate file access on Linux systems, you may need to close the editor and progress windows, then type the following command in the terminal window with the fbdk8 directory selected:
      sudo chmod -R a+rwx ./
      • You only have to do this once, then restart the FBDK with
        java -jar fbdk8.jar
  9. You can then use the FBDK by following the instructions in the How To page.