IEC 61499 Interoperability Test Procedure

The following general procedure may be used to test the compliance of independently developed implementations to the interoperability provisions of the IEC 61499 Compliance Profile for IEC 61499 Feasibility Demonstrations.

  1. Load a test panel configuration into the FBEditor application of the Function Block Development Kit (FBDK). These configurations are located in the src/ita/ subdirectory of the FBDK download.
  2. Edit the test panel configuration if necessary as follows:
  3. Launch the test panel configuration using the Run/Launch menu item of the FBEditor.
  4. Start the independent implementation to be tested. NOTE - Steps 3 and 4 must be reversed if an instance of SERVER type is to be tested in the independent implementation.
  5. Test the implementation by triggering data transmission from the test panel and observing the effect on the independent implementation or vice versa as appropriate.

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