This system configuration provides a means for testing the operation of coupled instances of the IN_ARRAY and OUT_ARRAY function block types. Operation of this test configuration is illustrated below.
The initial values before transferring any data.
The results after pressing the Enter key in the top window. The array is filled out with the default initial value.
The results after Entering a full array of data.
The results after Entering an extra array element. This is detected as an error by the IN_ARRAY element, but the data up to the point of error is passed on and accepted by the OUT_ARRAY element because its QI input is tied to 1(TRUE).
If the QI input of the OUT_ARRAY had been tied to the QO output of the IN_ARRAY element, the data would not have been accepted for display.
The results after Entering fewer than N elements.
Note that the remaining elements are unaffected.
Last updated: 2011-01-16.
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