This system configuration contains 17 instances of the FRAME_DEVICE type to test the proper operation of PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE blocks over the full range of multicast UDP addresses, and tests the encoding and decoding of all the IEC 61131-3 elementary data types required by the Compliance Profile for IEC 61499 Feasibility Demonstrations. This is done through pairs of panels designed to test the various families of elementary data types, supplemented by a MONITOR panel to check the encoding of data transmitted on the corresponding UDP multicast channels. Each pair of panels is named according to the type of data being tested, e.g., SEND_BITS and RCV_BITS for bit string data.

The MONITOR device configuration displays the hexadecimal contents of messages received by an instance of the UDP_LISTEN type. The UDP channel to be monitored is selected by an instance of the CHOICE_TBL type, indexed by the name of the channel being monitored.

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