The provisions of this Compliance Profile may be utilized by any interested parties, by reference to its URL, for the purpose of establishing feasibility demonstrations and tests of the provisions of IEC 61499-1 and 61499-2.

This document was originally developed in the form of a Technical Agreement by members of the Holonic Manufacturing Systems (HMS) Consortium to guide the development of the first inter-vendor feasibility demonstration of IEC 61499 at the International HMS Symposium in Kitakyushu City, Japan on October 19-20, 2000. The HMS Partners involved in the original development and testing of this specification were Rockwell Automation, Softing AG and Profactor GmbH. Following this demonstration, this document was updated to record the lessons learned regarding the requirements for successful implementation of IEC 61499.

The contents of Clauses 1-6 of this document are normative for its specified purposes; all Annexes are informative.

Ongoing maintenance of this document is performed by Holobloc Inc, to whom comments and queries on its content should be directed.