Library Management

The FBDK now provides an experimental subset of the library management framework proposed for inclusion in the Third Edition of IEC 61499. As shown in the figure below, this framework partitions library elements (data types, function block types, adapter types, subapplication types, resource types, device types, segment types, and system configurations) into packages, which in turn are organized into software libraries.

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In addition, the proposed extensions to IEC 61499-1 define a simple ECC as an execution control chart consisting solely of a set of simple states, and a simple FB type as a function block type, the behavior of whose instances is defined by a simple ECC. This extends and formalizes the concept of "simple" FB types currently defined in Annex D.2 of IEC 61499-1.

The FBDK now includes the following features to support these extensions:

To accommodate this extension, the online LibraryElement.dtd Document Type Definition (DTD) has been modified to include the new SimpleFB element. Basic FB Types developed with earlier versions of the FBDK are forward-compatible with this DTD.