Building and Testing Library Elements - General

The instructions below explain the general process for building IEC 61499 library elements.
For instructions on specific library element types, click on the corresponding button above.
  1. Start the FBDK.
  2. Set your preferences as desired.
  3. Import library elements if and as needed.
  4. Open a library element in the editor:
    1. Open a folder in the Library Navigator by clicking on the folder's handle.
    2. Double-click on the library element to be opened.
      • Loading the library element may be a relatively lengthy process - sometimes on the order of a few seconds. The progress bar on the right hand side of the toolbar above the Library Navigator will give you an indication that the load is ongoing.
    3. The window will appear as shown below after opening the template folder and double-clicking on the Basic element. This opens a general-purpose template for creating a Basic FB Type.
      • The template folder contains a number of templates that you can use as the starting point for creating library elements.
      • You can open several library elements at once; each will appear under a separate tab in the Editor area to the right of the Library Navigator.
      • When you have multiple tabs, the tab selection and Library Navigator selection are synchronized to each other in both directions. Try it!
  5. Edit the library element's sub-elements, using the Element Navigator tree as a guide to the sequence of steps to be followed.
  6. All of the operations necessary to edit the library element are accessible from the Element Navigator or from the Worksheet area.
  7. The effects of performing operations in the Element Navigator and Worksheet are immediately visible under the appropriate tabs in the Text Panel.
  8. When your editing is complete, save your work as an XML file.
    • It is a good idea to save your work from time to time while editing, too!
  9. Generate and compile a Java® source file (if enabled).
    • Compilation may take several seconds. The progress bar above the Library Navigator will give you an indication that compilation is ongoing.
  10. Test the library element by clicking the Run item (if enabled) of the popup menu on the root node of the Element Navigator.
  11. Document your work. It's not done until it's documented!