You can map a function block instance from an application to a device or resource with the Map item of the popup menu for the function block instance in its application diagram. The destination of the mapping operation is chosen from the resulting Mapping Dialog by choosing a feasible Device.Resource.FB combination and clicking the OK button as shown below.
  • Once a Device is chosen from the leftmost column of the dialog, a list of the Resources (if any) contained in that device appears in the middle column.
  • Once a Resource is chosen from the middle column of the dialog, a list of possible candidate FBs (if any) for the mapping destination is given in the rightmost column.
  • When the OK button is pressed, the Mapping operation is attempted.
    • If both a Device and Resource are not selected, the Mapping operation will fail and an error message will appear in the status line above the lists.
    • If both a Device and a Resource are chosen, but no destination FB is chosen, an attempt will be made to copy the source FB to the destination Resource with the same name; if there is a name conflict, the Mapping operation will fail and an error message will appear in the status line above the lists, otherwise the Mapping operation will succeed.
Once a mapping has been established, you can navigate back and forth between the function block's occurrence in its Application and its containing Resource by using the popup menu of the Mapping label at the bottom of the FB. This is illustrated below for the DEV_MGT_APP configuration in the FBDK's src/ita directory.
You can Delete a Mapping via the corresponding items of its pop-up menu in its Application diagram. You can Edit the mapping by double-clicking on its label in the Application diagram.
If a Resource or Device is edited or deleted from the System configuration, all Mappings will be updated automatically as necessary. However, if the name or type of an FB instance is changed in either an Application or a Resource, or if the FB is deleted, the corresponding Mapping (if any) will be deleted to avoid inconsistent Mappings and potential namespace conflicts.
Mapping Dialog
In Application APP1 In Resource TOOL.RES1

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