Using the FBDK with the Eclipse™ IDE
Getting Started
  1. Download the following archive to a convenient location, e.g., the Desktop:
  2. From the Eclipse File menu:
    File → Import → Existing Projects into Workspace → Select archive file: < location> → Project: FB4E
  3. From the Eclipse External Tools → External Tools Configurations... menu, create the following external tool configuration:
Running the FBDK
  1. Launch the FBDK by running the FB4E external tool.
    • If your computer is online, this will automatically check for and install updates to the FBDK.
  2. Use the FBDK to create, edit and delete IEC 61499 Library Elements.
  3. Shut down the FBDK by closing all the associated windows, go back to the Eclipse IDE and Refresh the FB4E project from its popup menu when you need to:
    • Have Eclipse automatically compile Java files generated by the FBDK, or
    • Edit Java, XML or HTML files generated by the FBDK
  4. After performing the necessary operations in Eclipse, re-launch the FB4E tool to continue operations with the FBDK.

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