This System Configuration illustrates the use of an E_DELAY block to ensure that a STOP event precedes the occurrence of a START event when performing a "dynamic update" of the period of an E_CYCLE block, i.e., changing the value of its DT input while its generation of EO events is running.

  1. To observe the operation of this system configuration, load and run it from the FBDK.
  2. The following test window will appear:
  3. Click the mouse in the text panel and tap the Enter key. The EO output will flash 4 times per second.
  4. Enter other values and observe the effect. Interesting values are t#110ms, t#150ms, t#500ms, ...

Other implementations may be able to use an E_SPLIT block to sequence the STOP and START events; however, the Java™-based FBDK implementation needs an E_DELAY block to avoid a deadlock condition.