Raspberry Pi GPIO in the FBDK

The FBDK can be installed and run on the Raspbian operating system for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, following the instructions for Getting Started on Linux® systems.

Instances of the DI_PI and DO_PI Service Interface Function Block (SIFB) types provide facilities for for reading and writing, respectively, individual bits to and from the Raspberry Pi's General Purpose I/O (GPIO) ports. These ports are mapped directly to the pin numbers of the Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO header as shown below. These blocks use the Java® file system interface to emulate the Raspberry Pi's command-line GPIO interface, so no additional libraries are needed for this purpose.

The DI_PIL and DO_PIL composite FB types encapsulate instances of DI_PI and DO_PI respectively, along with additional functionality that simplifies the use of GPIO with the Local Multicast and Tagged Data design patterns.