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An instance of this Service Interface Function Block (SIFB) type implements the fbmgt2 management scheme defined in subclause 6.5 of the Compliance Profile for Feasibility Demonstrations. Its service sequences are the same as for the DEV_MGR SIFB type. However, its RQST input and RESP output are of types MGT_REQ and MGT_RSP, respectively, which lend themselves to more efficient encodings than the STRING -encoded XML RQST input and RESP output of the DEV_MGR SIFB type. Additionally, the USTRING type of this SIFB type's DST input provides just as efficient an encoding for the 7-bit US-ASCII character set as the STRING type of the corresponding input of the DEV_MGR type, while retaining the ability to encode multi-byte character sets.

An instance of this type is automatically substituted for an instance of the DEV_MGR type as the MGR block of a DM_KRNL instance when the MGR_ID of the enclosing remote Device, e.g., an instance of RMT_DEV or FRAME_DEVICE, specifies the fbmgt2 protocol, e.g., MGR_ID := "fbmgt2://" .