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An instance of the IN_MATRIX function block type provides a tabular user interface element for input of MATRIX variables. The user enters data by double-clicking on a table cell to enter data, then striking the Enter or Tab key to complete the data entry; this results in an event at the IND output with the new value of the matrix appearing at the OUT variable.

If the user input is not in a proper floating-point format, no change occurs in the output data and no output event is issued; the table cell is highlighted in red and holds the keyboard focus until the data is corrected.

The format of the IVAL input is as prescribed for literals of the MATRIX data type. If the format of this data is incorrect upon the occurrence of an INIT event, or if the given initial values are inconsistent with the matrix size given by the ROWS and COLS inputs, the QO value is set to FALSE and the STATUS value is set to 10(FUNCTION_FAILURE) before issuing the INITO event.

See the MATRIX_DEMO, M_OPS_DEMO and CODEC_TEST2 system configurations for examples of the use of instances of this class.