An instance of this Function Block type provides a single-selection set of radio buttons.
  • The button labels are taken from the comma-separated list in the LABELS input.
  • The number of buttons is the number of labels, minus any trailing blank label fields.
  • The zero-based number of the initially selected button is given by the IN input.
  • Subsequent occurrences of INIT+ will delete the existing buttons, and replace them with a new set of buttons specified by the LABELS input and a new selection specified by the INinput.
  • An INIT- primitive will set the QO and OUT values to false and 0, respectively, and will delete all the buttons, which can be restored by a subsequent INIT+.
  • Enter data for the input variables,for instance:
    true A,B,C 1
  • Initialize the FB by clicking on the INIT event input.
  • You can then observe the effect of clicking on one of the radio buttons.
  • You can also observe the effect of subsequent INIT+ and INIT- events with different input values.
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