Build a Segment Type

The FBDK supports network segment types, as defined in the currently proposed 2nd Edition of IEC 61499-1.
You can define new segment types with the following procedure:
  1. Start the FBEditor application by running the fbeditor.bat file or double-clicking the editor.jar file.
  2. Create a new segment type in the editor by:
    • Opening a file containing an existing segment type, for instance the Ethernet.seg file in the src\net folder; or
    • Clicking the New... => SegmentType menu item. In this case, the appearance of the editor will be as shown at right.
  3. Edit the segment type's elements:
  4. When your editing is complete, save your work with the Save As... button.
    • It is a good idea to save your work from time to time while editing, too!
Last updated: 2011-02-14.
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