Build and Test an Adapter Interface Type

  1. Start the FBEditor.
  2. Create a new adapter interface type in the editor by:
    • Opening a file containing an existing adapter interface type, for instance the TEST_ADP.adp file in the src\test folder, or
    • Clicking the New... => AdapterType menu item as shown at right.
  3. Edit the adapter's elements:
  4. When your editing is complete, save your work with the Save As... button.
    • It is a good idea to save your work from time to time while editing, too!
  5. Generate and compile a Java® source file with the Save As... button.
  6. Adapters cannot be tested independently of their use as plugs and sockets, so you will have to create special composite function block types and a system configuration to do this testing. For an example see the TEST_ADP_SYS configuration.
Last updated: 2011-02-12.
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