Drag-and-Drop Connection Editing

Creating Connections
1. While holding down the Alt key, click and drag on an FB data, event or plug output. 2. Drag the target over the data, event or socket input.
3. Release the mouse button and the connection is made. The connection is automatically selected as indicated by the red color, and its corresponding declaration is highlighted in the XML and src text areas.
This works for data and event connections in a function block diagram (FBD), as well as transitions in an Execution Control Chart (ECC).
Invalid connections are automatically rejected:
  • Data to event
  • Event to data
  • Incompatible data types
  • Connection of an output of the generic ANY type to more than one destination; this is done to avoid ambiguities in run-time type resolution. You can use math blocks to "buffer" such outputs to multiple destinations if necessary.
"Auto-routing" is performed when an input is to the left of the associated output:
  • Event connections are routed "up and over."
  • Data connections are routed "down and under."
Dragging Connections Deleting Connections
A connection can be selected in the worksheet, and its corresponding declaration highlighted in the XML and src text areas, by a mouse click on the center (vertical) segment of a three-segment line, on one of the three center sections of a five-segment line, or on the transition condition of an EC transition. The selected segment can then be dragged, and its XML declaration will be updated at the conclusion of the drag (mouse-up).
A connection can be deleted via the pop-up menu obtained by right-clicking on an appropriate segment.
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