Configuring the FBDK

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Starting the FBEditor
The procedures described below have only been tested with the Windows™XP operating system and may have to be modified for other operating systems.
  1. After the JDK™ 6 has been installed, the FBEditor can be started by double-clicking on the icon of the editor.jar file or selecting the Open option of its pop-up menu.
  2. The FBEditor can also be started by double-clicking on the icon of the fbeditor.bat file or selecting the Open option of its pop-up menu.
  3. The fbeditor.bat file can also be invoked in a command prompt window.
  4. Files containing IEC 61499 library elements, e.g., *.fbt and *.res files, can be set up for double-click opening by associating their file types with the fbeditor.bat file.
  5. IEC 61499 library files can also be opened by dragging their icons onto the icon of the fbeditor.bat file.
  6. If fbeditor.bat is not located in an fbdk subdirectory of your home directory, e.g., C:\fbdk, you should edit the first line of fbeditor.bat to change the working directory to the home of the fbeditor.bat file.
The editor.ini File
This file contains parameter key/value pairs in a key=value format, one pair per line. The allowed parameter keys and values are given in the following table. If no value for a parameter is given in the editor.ini file, the default value applies.
  • The default values shown may or may not work with particular installations of the Java™ Development Kit (JDK™) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in the various operating systems.
  • The easiest way to customize these settings is to use the FBEditor's Preferences Dialog.
Key Value Default
bounds Initial bounds (in pixels) for instances of FRAME_DEVICE and RMT_FRAME. 100,100,200,200
drawingStyle The Drawing Style. firefox
java The command to run the Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) executable. java
javac The command to execute the Java compiler. javac
log When value is ON, logging of management commands is enabled when launching system configurations or FB instance tests; when value is OFF, logging is disabled. OFF
lookAndFeel Configurable Look and Feel Metal
timeout The timeout period for management commands to remote devices. t#2s
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