FGD : COLOR := blue; (* Foreground Color *)
    BKGD : COLOR := white; (* Background Color *)
    DIA : UINT := 25; (* Segment side length *)
    W : UINT := 10; (* Pipe width *)
    DIR : VDIR := VDIR#RIGHT; (* Entry direction *)
    DIROUT : VDIR := VDIR#RIGHT; (* Exit direction *)

An instance of this Function Block type presents a View of a straight or right-angle pipe segment.

The direction of incoming flow is given by the DIR parameter (a value of the VDIR data type), and the direction of outgoing flow is given by the DIROUT parameter. For instance, if DIR=VDIR#RIGHT and DIROUT=VDIR#DOWN, the pipe would come in at the left edge of the view and leave at the bottom.

For an example of the use of an instance of this type, see the TANK_VIEWL system configuration.